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Bulk reloading primers are in stock for our firearm shop owners and dealers. We’re considered a leading supplier of the durable small pistol primers, and super fast shipping to your door.

Our tactical primers are great for reloading bullets manually to get better grain count, and have more control over the way your ammo performs, especially in cold weather. You can stock up on plenty to get you through this ammo shortage.

The most common rifle ammo is now available for dealers and customers across the country. This includes 300 blackout FMJ and 223 ammo, along with our very own in house 308 Winchester rounds for sale. At Tactical primers, we supply our customers with bulk rifle ammo that will outperform your old ammo in any environment.

You can even buy rifle ammunition here from other leading brands like Federal and Wolf Polyformance. We have the cheapest rifle ammo and small rifle primers online

Our best selling bulk 9mm ammo is 115 grain full metal jacket and designed for precision sharpshooting. For home defense or target shooting, the Trifusion team manufactures 9mm hollow point ammo as well. We also offer 40 S&W hollow point ammunition which is crafted to mushroom perfectly. If you need a solid round nose version in the .40 caliber, we’ve got that too. We’re so confident, we even carry affordable handgun ammo from other leading brands, so that you can compare and feel thedifference.